Thursday, September 10, 2015

Welcome to Hazel's Spot

I decided to start writing a blog because I am a newlywed that is trying to learn how to cook, Flexitarian style. It would be awfully easy for me to cook up a boxed processed meal for my amazing husband & me for dinner every night but I don’t want to do that! Instead, we would rather eat healthy food that actually has some favor to it! I get bored easily when it comes to food and it is a lot more fun to try to make a different, new recipe every night for dinner.

I am constantly buying new cookbooks and lots of cooking magazines to try and feed my addiction for new recipes to try and cook. There is special emphasis on the “try and cook” part of the last sentence because I don’t always succeed in making a perfectly delicious meal. Hopefully, as time goes on I will be able to call myself a gourmet home chef! I just need to keep reading the how-to cookbooks and watching the how-to cooking demonstrations on YouTube.

I hope to become a gourmet home chef by staying true to my beliefs. That means, buying fresh, organic whole foods as much as I can. Also, I try to only buy meat products that come from farms that practice sustainable farming methods.

I also intend on writing some reviews of food products I find in my favorite grocery stores and local farmer’s markets that I think are worthy of a mention. I might even comment on some of my favorite restaurants as well, because we don’t always have time to cook.

I hope you will join me on my “learning to cook adventure” and I encourage comments or feedback on any of the posts I publish!

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